Teacher Recognition

Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.-Rita Pierson

Launched in the spring of 2016 PWSA of Indiana selects an outstanding educator from the state to recognize for going above and beyond for the PWS community. These nominations come from our members who submit nominees to our email or facebook. Each educator receives a certificate, card, and gift card. When school is not in session during summer months we open nominations to anyone who has been an advocate in the state for PWS. This is just one small way we can give back to those who continue to make a difference and impact in our community.

Here is a list of recipients for 2016:

Krista Halter-Greenfield Intermediate School


We had the  honor of presenting the award to Krista in front of her class and school administrators. She took it upon herself to educate herself on PWS, she has been a strong advocate, and champion for PWS individuals in the classroom. Krista understands the importance of food security and continues to look to be involved with PWS outside of the classroom as well.


Carrie Robbins – Edgewood Primary School


Mrs. Robbins has been 100% on board with helping individuals with PWS succeed in every way. She seems to understand PWS at a level that takes most people months to figure out. Mrs. Robbins not only pushes individuals to succeed and does not let her take the easy way out, but she also understands their limits and knows when to give her a break. She also understands the importance of special diet and food security and  communication.

Julie Ross and Pam Bauer– St. Jude Catholic School


Julie Ross and Pam Bauer from St. Jude Catholic School have both went above and beyond to learn about PWS and how it effects the student, while treating them like any other student in the classroom. They keep the classrooms engaged, interactive, and ensure the environment is kept safe. With this approach the students have grown leaps and bounds from where they had been.



Electa Hendey- Insights Consulting


Electa has worked for many years with individuals with PWS on behavior management. Electa dedicated the time and effort to familiarize herself with PWS and the challenges it can present, and takes the time to know each of the individuals she is working with prior to implementing a plan. Her personalized approach to each individual and understanding of complexities that come with PWS has resulted in positive improvements in individuals overall behavioral, social, and vocational skills