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Welcome to PWSA of Indiana!

Since 2008 we have been helping families in the Hoosier state affected by PWS through education, training, support, research, and advocacy. PWSA of Indiana is a collection of families, caregivers, providers, and community members who strive to enhance the lives of those with PWS. We invite you to join us in one of the many activities we have planned throughout the state and learn how you can get involved and support PWSA of Indiana.


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Teacher Appreciation 


At PWSA of Indiana we are honored every month to recognize an outstanding educator in Indiana who has gone above and beyond in the classroom with individuals with PWS. What has been rewarding as well is being able to see how the schools and administration have developed a culture of support and care for their students and faculty.

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Featured Speaker

As we lead up the Midwest Conference in October we will be doing a feature on each speaker:

Sara Clemson:

Sara is an Area Director at REM Ohio and oversees residential, transportation, and day program operations. She resides over 6 PWS residential settings, serving 22 adults with PWS or PWS like syndromes. During her tenure at REM Ohio, Sara has worked with a variety of different teams to develop various supports for the individuals she serves. Sara has presented at both national and international conferences in regards to residential services for individuals with PWS.